The Hensley Memorial School of Divinity was created to offer, free of charge, the chance for any member of the ULC, CSP, UM, or similar organization, the oppertunity to advance their ministerial options through advanced course work and status. You must be an ordained minister to take this test. No ifs, ans, or buts. Although this is the Huntsville ULC, we welcome those from the Church of Seven Planes, Universal Ministries, and others. Those not familiar with the ULC might want to brush up because the test depends somewhat on knowing our tenets.

With that said, good luck. You may take the test below.

Take the Examination

Boilerplate Legal notice: This school is not endorsed by any government or accrediting body. However, thanks to the First Amendment, we are fully allowed to offer religious training to you in whatever form we please. The degree offered is considered Honarary (causis honoris) and entirely religious in nature. No additional value is implied. Your results may vary. By continuing with this program, you agree to hold HULC free of any legal or ethical issues resulting from earning this honorary degree. After awarding, you are freely able to refer to yourself as "Dr."